The Secret to Receive $55K to go to College

The strategies in this eBook will teach you how to receive as much as $55,000 free college money while your kids are still in high school! 

No need to get a huge debt!
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Who is it for?

This is for parents who:
Don't want to pay a fortune for college.
Don't want to get a student loan on kids.
Don't want to hustle kids to get scholarship.
Don't have anybody to talk about financial planning.
Can't afford expensive tutors.
Don't know how to get financial aid or scholarships.
Can't think of any other way to make extra money.

About the Author: Ash Tayshete

For years, I’ve coached hundreds of students in New York City ace their Calculus exams. As the demand for personal coaching from new students and parents increased exponentially every year, I wanted a medium to reach all deserving students.

So I started Math Hero Academy because I wanted students to benefit from all the successful and proven secrets that my one-on-one high-performing students use – all in the comfort of their own home.

This way you will receive all of the strategies from my coaching sessions which have helped my students get into prestigious schools – many of them obtained a full scholarship!