Topic-based Focus Is The Secret to Success in SAT

SAT Math tests the following 7 topics: Algebra, Factoring, Substitution, Geometry, Coordinate Graphing, Logic, and Data Analysis.

However most students only prepare for a generic “SAT Math” test without ever honing in on a single topic.

This serves little purpose because students keep strengthening only those topics that they are already good at, while ignoring their the weaknesses.


Identify The
Weakest Topics

How can students identify their weakest topics? Is there an easy system they can use to master these topics?

Thankfully, there is a simple 3-step system to help students achieve just that!


Step 1: Topic Ranking

Students should start with taking a practice SAT Math test and score themselves using the answer key that accompanies the test.

Next, they should identify each problem in the test as one of the seven topics mentioned above, and calculate the partial score for each of the topics.



 Based on these partial scores, they should then rank these seven topics from weakest to strongest.


Step 2: Mirroring

Next they should start revising the weakest topic first. The best way to revise a topic is to simply read the solution of the easiest problem of that topic.

Then they should close the book and immediately start solving the problem from memory. If they are unable to solve the problem, they should reread the solution and attempt to solve the problem again.

An hour spent on “mirroring” solutions for the weakest topic is worth four hours spent on the topic they already know!


Step 3: Spaced Repetition

Your child needs to focus on their weakest three topics. Devote one day per topic and then move on to the next topic. 

This way, they revise a topic every 3 days. Continue this for 3 weeks and you should easily see a 50 to 100 points increase in their SAT score!


Remember the golden rule of just reading the answer to the simplest problem, and then replicating the solution from memory.


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  1. Samantha Castilo

    Thanks for this great article. This is of great help to my daughter preparing for SAT. Sam

  2. Ursula Paterno

    great article!

  3. Erica Mercado

    My son is in junior year and we are looking for a book which focuses on the concepts. He has very weak conceptual skills and doesn’t know most of the concepts the sat math section tests. What can you suggest?

  4. Christine Cuthbert

    DD is taking SAT June 1 (2nd time) and ACT June 8 (1st time). She hasn’t prepared because she’s been focusing on APs which are over now. Advice on best way to prep in this short time frame?

  5. Jenny Chen

    Superb Test! I scored 690/800 on my second attempt for the SAT using your strategies. Thanks for this!

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